Thursday, March 20, 2008

David Gengler = Fraud , Direct from The Rip Off Report, Robert Paisola Reports

Mr. Robert Paisola

I was deceived on August 3, by TMTT 'Robert Taylor' hosting a free seminar in Charlotte. For $399 I would be provided manuals, support, software, training(workshop) at this Marriott location in Greensboro, NC Aug 25-27.

Robert Taylor was a young dynamic speaker who aroused everyone's interest that day on becoming a successful knowledgeable trader.
I say that at least 80-90% purchased this future seminar on that day, consisting of elders, middle age and the young.

I made a hotel reservation in Greensboro(Ramada) for the weekend since it was like 110 miles one way from Charlotte. I dragged my wife and baby along for the surprise of a lifetime. (If it's too good to be true, beware- now I learned my lesson) Currently I'm unemployed looking for an opportunity to make money like everyone else out there.

The main speaker was David Gengler who wined and dined everyone with his family and home pics in Utah, and how he became so wealthy from trading. During the seminar he became sarcastic with the audience to the point of disrespecting several memmbers of the audience who couldn't follow him with the dream.

I approached the Manager of the seminar by the name of 'Andrew' who came on the second day of seminar and asked him about this deception they were introducing. He denied the whole thing and instead with such arrogance and deceitfulness about the business practice they were following were legal & ethical.

I told him that he'll be lucky if 10% of the l40-150 students that day would followed thru with his deception. Andrew boasted a wager of $399 that at least 50% would sign up for these outrageous over-inflated class price, which was never mentioned to anyone back in Charlotte. (there was a catch to this scheme)

So far less than 10 people signed up and payed a hefty sum for those categorical class they were offering, we all knew cause they were calling them by name out of the groups seated.

David Gengler was informed that very few people were registered so far, and diplomatically started to converse on what's holding everyone up from making that ridiculous expensive step. In general, the people were honest and sincere and gave valid reasons for not pursuing TMTT any further.

That's when David started getting obnoxious and using derogatory words to spark up emotions to get people to react. David was failing miserably by now, that's when I turned around and looked at 'Andrew the Manager' and reminded him of his wager he made with me. Andrew somewhat frustrated gave me a dirty look and left the hall to corridor, I guess he was totally embarrassed.

Nevertheless I became disillusioned and disgusted with the whole seminar that I left early to spend whatever little time I had left with my wife/kid. I hope that everyone that attended that seminar in Greensboro, NC Aug 25-27 will get their full refund.


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