Friday, September 26, 2008

To Our Friends Around the World Regarding eCore University

To our clients and customers around the world and victims of eCore University from has long been the consumer watchdog protecting, you the public, from scams and unscrupulous individuals. We have been covering a company called e core university for the past 6 months. During that time, many of you have contacted our offices for assistance.

We have decided as a Company, that this matter is not a matter that we are going to pursue further. We believe that the management of eCORE University has created a solution to assist you in your time of need. We will be posting additional data on this site as to how you can come to a resolution on your individual matter with the company.

Again, at this time, SeminarWatch is not able to assist you with any matters regarding eCore University, but you are invited to stay tuned to this site for a formal message from the Company and it's parent organization Millionaire Strategies LLC and RE RE investments LLC.

With All the Success In the World,

The SeminarWatch Investigations Team